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pre-plan for culinary bliss

Your journey into the heart of South Australia's culinary scene starts with selecting the perfect ticket or package. Tailor your festival experience with flexible ticket options. Whether you're joining us for a casual day of free tastings and listening to a range of music under the gum trees, or would like to dive deeper into our specially curated Masterclasses, our ticketing solutions cater to your schedule, ensuring you don't miss a moment of the culinary delights Adelaide Hills has to offer. Join us for an extraordinary adventure that celebrates the essence of Adelaide Hills.

2025 Details Coming Soon

General admission

Pre-Purchase General Admission

AU $29.00+Booking Fee

General Admission At The Gate

AU $39.00+Booking Fee

General Admission + Bus

AU $45.00+Booking Fee

Groups of 10+

AU $250.00+Booking Fee

Child Under 12


Ticket details and terms

General Admission

Step into a world of culinary enchantment with our General Admission tickets to A Taste of The Hills Festival! Join us for a day of gastronomic delight set against the picturesque backdrop of Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Your General Admission pass grants you access to free unlimited tastings of the finest Adelaide Hills produce, wines, spirits, cider and more. Immerse yourself in live entertainment, discover hidden gems from local artisans, and celebrate the vibrant spirit of our community. Don't miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary festival, where every taste tells a story and every moment is a celebration. Secure your General Admission ticket now and be prepared for a day filled with indulgence, entertainment, and the unparalleled charm of A Taste of The Hills Festival.

What is included

Access to the festival grounds
Event branded drinks tumbler
Free tastings

Our music

come and relax to these vibes

Immerse yourself in the soothing melodies of easy-listening acoustic performances, where talented artists set the perfect ambience for a relaxed day of indulgence. Feel the soulful allure of saxophone tunes resonating through the hills, adding a touch of elegance to the festival atmosphere. For those who love the energy of live bands, expect dynamic performances that span genres, from country beats that'll make you sway to the rhythmic vibes of house DJs that promise to keep the festival alive. With a musical lineup as diverse as the flavours of Adelaide Hills, anticipate a harmonious fusion of sounds that will undoubtedly enhance your overall festival experience. Get ready to groove, chill, and celebrate the vibrant spirit of A Taste of The Hills Festival with our exceptional live musicians.

Wine & Oyster Pairing Masterclass

Wine & Oyster Pairing (18+)

AU $29.00+Booking Fee

Nepenthe Wine & Trudale Oyster Pairing Masterclasses

Masterclass Information

Join Nepenthe for a decadent oyster and wine pairing masterclass. Starting off with a glass of Sparkling Cuvee, the Nepenthe team will take you through a tasting of Natural, Thai and Kilpatrick oysters expertly matched with their award-winning wines. The delicious Cowell oysters are prepared by Trudale Oysters and are complemented with a variety of crisp, bright and textural white wines.  This afternoon session will take place in the Nepenthe Lounge and is one you don’t to miss!

Class Details:
When: Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th of March 2.00-3.00 pm.
Location: Nepenthe Sparkling Lounge
Includes: One-hour Nepenthe Wines and Cowell Oysters Pairing Masterclass.
*Bookings essential, only limited spots available!

Wine & Chocolate Pairing Masterclass

Wine & Chocolate Pairing (18+)

AU $29.00+Booking Fee

K1 Wine & Red Cacao Chocolate Pairing

Masterclass Information

Embark on an extraordinary sensory adventure with our K1 Wines and Red Cacao Chocolates Masterclass. Discover the art of perfect pairings:
NV Sparkling with Mixed Berry Pop Rock Block
2021 K1 Pinot Noir with Raspberry Ganache
2021 Middle Hill Shiraz with Forest Berry Block
2017 Tzimmukin with Umqali (Monarto safari park collaboration block) – RRP $295

Join us for an intimate exploration guided by winemakers and chocolatiers, celebrating the harmonious marriage of K1 Wines and Red Cacao Chocolates. Cheers to a symphony of flavours, and stay tuned for a special surprise at the end!

Class Details:
When: Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th of March 5.00-6.00 pm.
Location: Masterclass Marquee
Includes: One-hour K1 Wines and Red Cacao Chocolate Pairing Masterclass.
*Bookings essential, only limited spots available!

Wine & Cheese Pairing Masterclasses

Wine & Cheese Pairing (18+)

AU $29.00+Booking Fee

Paracombe Wine & Udder Delights Cheese Pairing Masterclasses

Masterclass Information

Embark on a gastronomic journey with our Wine and Cheese Pairing Master Class, featuring Paracombe Wines and Udder Delights cheeses. Explore these perfect matches:
2023 Pecorino with Adelaide Hills Camembert, Brie
2023 Vermentino with Adelaide Hills Truffle Brie
2022 Montepulciano with Heysen Blue
2018 Cabernet Franc with Mature Cheddar

Join us for an afternoon of sophistication and indulgence as we elevate your palate with the finest from Paracombe Wines and Udder Delights.

Class Details:
When: Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th of March 3.00-4.00 pm.
Location: Masterclass Marquee
Includes: One-hour Paracombe Wines and Udder Delights Cheese Pairing Masterclass.
*Bookings essential, only limited spots available!

A Journey of Native Food

Full Sensory Experience (All Ages)

AU $29.00+Booking Fee

Native Australian Cuisine Sensory Experience

Australian Native Food Co

Embark on an Australian Taste Tour like never before! Don't miss out on our exclusive masterclass, "A Journey of Native Australian Food- Interactive Cooking Session" by Native Australian Food Co.Limited to only 15 people per session, this intimate experience will take you on an adventure through Australia's rich flavours and sounds. Listen to the sounds of the outback, bush, and sea, accompanied by tones of the didgeridoo. Taste, smell, and experience unique flavours and products starting with refreshing Lemon Myrtle Tea, followed by a tasting journey of Native Fruits including Fingerlimes, Juniper, Quandongs, Green Ants, Karkalla, and more.
Enjoy our native Australian jam paired with Yoghurt and topped with Native Dessert Dukkah, accompanied by a taste of Karkalla Verjuice. And to finish it all off, you'll partake in a hands-on cooking experience creating Lemon Myrtle Garlic Bread, fresh Garden Salad with Native Bush Dukkah and Verjuice, served with delectable Lemon Myrtle Garlic Prawns.

Class Details

When: Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th of March
Time: 2.00-3.00 pm & 4.00-5.00 pm
Location: Teepee Bell Tent in The Main Gourmet Area
Includes: One-hour in the serenity of a bell-tent, let taste, smell, sight, and sound transport you through Australia's landscape with our selection of native Australian food.
*Bookings essential, only limited spots available!

A Taste of Brushflicks n Hilltilly Gin

Paint n Sip Art Class (8+ years)

AU $29.00+Booking Fee

Masterclass Information

Join us at the Taste of the Hills Festival for “A Taste of Brushflicks” and let your imagination run wild as you are guided to create your own vibrant artwork on canvas! Participants will also receive an exclusive discount to book a private group Paint n’ Sip session for their next special event!
This is a family-friendly event, with children (8+) and teens also welcome. Please note that any participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and will receive a non-alcoholic beverage*We can’t wait to paint with you!

Class Details

When: Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th of March
Time: 1.00-2.00 pm.
Location: Masterclass Marquee
Includes: One-hour guided painting session, a complimentary Magic Gin and Tonic by HillTilly
Distillery (non-alcoholic option available), 1x small bag to carry your finished masterpiece.
*Bookings essential, only limited spots available!

Goodie Bag

A Taste of The Hills Tote Bag

AU $10.00+GST

A Taste of The Hills Goodie Bag

Local Goodies Tote Bag

Indulge in the essence of the Adelaide Hills with our exclusive Festival Local Goodies Tote Bags—a curated collection of discounts, samples, vouchers, and more from our beloved local businesses. Imagine enjoying post-festival perks such as cellar door tastings, product samples, and store discounts.
This tote is not just a bag; it's an investment in a post-festival adventure! With an abundance of local goodies, discounts, and freebies, our Festival Local Goodies Tote Bags offer unbeatable value for money. The joy doesn't end when the festival does; it continues as you explore and savour the diverse offerings of the Adelaide Hills.
*Limited Quantities Available

Specials & Extras

Pre-ordered Dozen Oysters

AU $19.00+Booking Fee

Pre-ordered Grazing Box

AU $19.00+Booking Fee

Pre-ordered Day bed (2 hours)

AU $10.00+Booking Fee

Enjoy Pre-Purchase Priced Cheese Platters & Oysters

Savour the savings! Elevate your festival experience by pre-purchasing oysters and grazing boxes. Dive into a sea of savings when you secure your oysters and indulge in the perfect pairing with our pre-purchased grazing box. By securing your grazing box and oysters in advance, you not only guarantee a shucking good time but also indulge in exclusive savings of 20% compared to on the day. Don't miss out on this opportunity to relish the freshest flavours at a fraction of the cost – reserve your oysters and grazing boxes today and treat your taste buds to a culinary delight!

Day Bed Hire

Luxuriate in style at A Taste of The Hills Festival by pre-booking a daybed! By reserving a daybed in advance, you not only ensure a prime location for relaxation but also elevate your festival experience with comfort and convenience. Immerse yourself in the festivities from the best seat in the house – your reserved daybed. Limited availability guarantees an intimate and luxurious experience, so seize the opportunity to savour every moment in the heart of A Taste of The Hills Festival!

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A Taste of The Hills Festival is dedicated to celebrating the food and beverages produced in our bountiful region.

Square1 Gin
Nepenthe Wines
Red Cacao Chocolates
The Queens Cut
Barrigan Wines
Paracombe Wines
BBQ At Yours
A Life Of Plenty
Five Eleven Distilling
Woody The Wagon